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Ortho-SleePy HIGH MEMORY MATTRESS - 100% Merino Wool cover - 19 cm

Ortho-SleePy HIGH MEMORY MATTRESS - 100% Merino Wool cover - 19 cm
  • Ortho-SleePy HIGH MEMORY MATTRESS - 100% Merino Wool cover - 19 cm
  • Ortho-SleePy HIGH MEMORY MATTRESS - 100% Merino Wool cover - 19 cm
  • Ortho-SleePy HIGH MEMORY MATTRESS - 100% Merino Wool cover - 19 cm
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  • Ortho-Sleepy mattress 12year guarantee sleepy mattress

    A premium quality mattress almost half price.


    Let your spine really rest while sleeping.

    How you'll feel with Ortho-SleePy mattress


    Perfect support for your back and joints

    Weightless comfort as the mattress molds around your body

    Fall asleep faster

    Enjoy deeper, longer sleep

    Wake up rejuvenated


    Enjoy the benefits of Ortho-Sleepy mattresses


    Supports natural body alignment

    Alleviates pressure points

    Holes in the core structure improves air circulation

    Absorbs body heat

    Inhibits the growth of mould, fungus and dust mites

    Maintains firmness for 12 years or more

    Combines the durability of biocell and memory foam

    Ideal for those who require better support for their lower back and shoulders.

    This mattress is purposely designed to be single sided for your convenience - there's no need to flip it over,

    but we do recommend that you rotate the mattress regularly.

    Product description


    Ortho-SleePy Luxury HIGH MEMORY MATTRESS - with 100% Merino Wool/Teflon cover
    Medium-Firm Comfort, 2cm Memory Foam Layer, 19 cm mattress thickness


    Ortho-Sleepy mattress wool


    Look after your back – with an Ortho-SleePy mattress


    Luxury Hungarian Memory foam mattress, medium-Firm comfort
    • The mattress is covered with 100% Merino Wool / Teflon cover
    • A real foam mattress which is vacuum packed and rolled for your convenience
    • 12 year guarantee manufacturer's garantee
    • The Orthopaedic vacuum mattress is 19 cm thick, perfectly ventilating, it provides the spinal column with anatomically correct support.
    • The orthopaedic mattress conforms to the human body in an ideal way, and it always regains its original shape.
    • The mattress ensures correct support for the spine, which guarantees sleep with a regenerating effect.
    • The mattress is hydroscopic, prevents bedsores and has a heat regulating function.
    • Its special composition ensures perfect airing and ventilation.
    • Vacuum mattresses protect the spine and take the weight off it during the night.


    Who can use Ortho-SleePy mattress?

    It is perfectly usable by anyone to the maximum weight of 130 kg/person
    • We especially recommend it in the case of spinal disk herniation and lumbago,
    • Perfect for children and adolescents
    • Perfect for adults
    • Perfect for elderly people


    What is an Orthopaedic Mattress?

    Orthopaedic mattress is designed to benefit the whole body and provide a restful, comfortable sleep, so that the owner wakes refreshed with no aches and pains.
    • These mattresses support the body fully and reduce stress on the back, neck, and joints by alleviating pressure points. This provides a high level of comfort and avoids stiffness upon waking.

    • Ortho-Sleepy orthopaedic mattresses made from special foam that do not contain springs, it's made of a special foam, with an Biocel core.
    Biocel is a porously structured material with tiny pores, the pores are filled with air, thus the mattress conforms to the shape of the body and with that it provides stable support, contrary to sponge mattresses which sag.
    As a result of its filling it provides a perfect resting-place for many-many years.




    mattress structure


    The structure of the mattress

    1. 100% Merino Wool cover
    2. Breathable felt layer
    3. Memory foam layer 2cm
    4. Ortho-Reflex BIOCELL hard core portion
    5. Breathable felt layer
    6. Teflon cover


    When your mattress arrives it will be vacuum packed

    Vacuum Packing The Future Of Mattress Delivery
    Delivery in rolled up form


    mattresss sleepy rool up



    So you have bought an Ortho-SleePy mattress?

    Awesome, great choice, you will never regret it.

    You decided to buy online and to get it delivered?

    Even better, not only will you get a great mattress, you are going to save yourself some serious money.


    14 day money back guarantee



  • Mattress cover
    Gyapjú-Teflon huzattal
    Mattress type
    Memory Foam
    Mattress cover
    Gyapjú huzat
    Weight limit
    120kg alatt
    Article No.
    12 kg/pc