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Infrared therapy sheet with Teflon cover 80x190cm

 Infrared therapy sheet with Teflon cover 80x190cm
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  • NovoTherm Infrared therapy sheet 80x190cm


    Far Infrared therapy sheet - with Teflon cover

    What is infra?

    Infra radiation is natural energy, the source of the thermal energy of the Sun, which we sense regularly.

    For instance, when in the early spring sunshine a cloud blocks the Sun, we immediately perceive an unpleasant cold, even though the air doesn’t cool off in a few seconds.

    The reason for this is, that infra-red radiation is an energy which heats up objects, bodies, but not the surrounding air.

    Infra radiation penetrates 4-5 cm deep under the skin, where light transforms into thermal energy and it performs its beneficial effect by warming up the body.

    This is the reason why in the process of using the product it’s not the mattress that heats up rather we feel the heat inside our bodies.


    The effects of infra therapy:

    1. It reduces joint and muscle aches
    2. It improves, invigorates blood circulation
    3. It stimulates metabolism
    4. It reduces cardio vascular illnesses
    5. It strengthens the immune system
    6. It cleanses the skin, increases its elasticity
    7. It detoxifies the body
    8. It reduces calories and stimulates fat burning
    9. It treats rheumatic diseases
    10. It’s excellent for the treatment of bruises, strains, joint dislocations and back ache
    11. It has an anti-inflammatory effect
    12. It speeds up regeneration
    13. In the case of a bone fracture, it speeds up the knitting of the bones, because it regenerates bone tissue, thus it’s also recommended for the treatment of osteoporosis.


    The size of the sheet is Single 80x190 cm;

    2cm thick


    its case is excellent against bacteria and mites.

    The moisture-proof material is covered with Teflon, which doesn’t allow sweat through into our bed.

    The usage of a sheet is recommended to protect the mattress from staining; this doesn’t reduce the effect of the product!


    Heating may be used on 2 levels:

    - Level 1 provides an opportunity for continuous usage all night long.

    - Level 2 is an intense treatment, its application is recommended for a maximum of 2 hours.

    Far Infrared Sheets can help you sleep, relieve chronic fatigue, detoxify the body and more.


    The Far Infrared Therapy Sheet can be used for detoxification, cellulite reduction, increased blood circulation, relief from chronic fatigue and more. It is great for people suffering from Fibromyalgia, Cerebral Palsy, Fatigue, Shingles, poor circulation and for those who have to spend extra time in bed.

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