Sleepy - Merino Wool Bedding Set 480gsm

Sleepy - Merino Wool Bedding Set 480gsm
Sleepy - Merino Wool Bedding Set 480gsm
Sleepy - Merino Wool Bedding Set 480gsm
Sleepy - Merino Wool Bedding Set 480gsm
Sleepy - Merino Wool Bedding Set 480gsm
Sleepy - Merino Wool Bedding Set 480gsm


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Merino Wool Bedding Set 480gsm


Three pieces bedding set



3 reasons why to choose Merino Wool



1. Healthier sleeping


We know now that sleeping has well separating phases. With the slowing breathing and heartbeating our body

gets to a deep, relaxed state. At this point the blood pressure decreases and the heart works less. Due this is the

healthier sleep.

This deep sleeping we call "recovery" phase, which is essential for us to feel relaxed and energetic daytime.

The wool bedding set supports to achieve and maintain this conditon.



2. Temperature compensating effect


Sweating at nighttime is quite common. It is more common among men as their body temperature changes

cyclically during the day and it is the highest in the night. However it can happen to both women and man as

the most common cause is stress.

The special structure of the wool fibers allows the skin to breathe together with it. The moisture escaping from the

body is able to evaporate completely, thereby ensuring an even temperature. This is very important in the joints,

muscles and internal organs as well.



3. Hypoallergenic


Products with this certification do not cause allergic reactions.
It is important because in today's world, many people suffer from house dust mite allergy and from other types of

How can we protect ourselves against the house dust mite?
To reduces the symptoms of the house dust mite allergy it is essential to reduce the number of mites significantly.

The most important where we need to reduce them, it is in our bedroom and bed sets, where we spend 25-30% of

our lives. In the bedroom, the bedding is one of the favorite residence of the mites because of the high humidity

and relatively high temperature. With the wool's perfect ventilation these can be eliminated easily.


The healthier and more comfortable sleeping is becoming more important in our lives. The well choosen sleep environment

means a lot.


Wool has several great qualities which makes it healthy for our body.


Wool is 100% natural fabric whereas it is made from live animals fur. Many of its good qualities are known.


One of them is the Lanolin content. As it is well known, Lanolin has a powerful hydrating and softening effect.

Can be a great help for skin problems.


Wool is perfectly able to breathe together with the human body. As a result it ensures the body's oxygenation

and and enables body temperature control. Wool has the ability to manage or even prevent rheumatic,

arthritis and kidney problems.



The benefits of Wool Bedding


- temperature balancing effect,

- ensures the skin's breath and improves blood supply,

- natural pain relief, immune system booster,

- it has a beneficial effect on migraine symptoms, musculoskeletal and rheumatic problems,

- diverts the harmful earth radiations,

- keeps the body at the right temperature and humidity,

- evaporates the sweat, thus prevents perspiration,

- offers maximum comfort in summer and winter,too.









Woolmark védjegy

Our Wool products are Woolmark certified.






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